Description of Digestive Tract of Notonecta glauca Linn., the Indian Backswimmer


  • Jaivir Singh P.G. Department of Zoology, Ganjdundwara P.G. College, Ganjdundwara, Etah 207242, India.
  • Mohammad Shoeb Department of Zoology, Gandhi Faiz-e-Aam College, Shahjahanpur 242001, India.
  • Harish Chandra K.B.A. Degree College, Barnahal, Mainpuri 205261, India.
  • Yogesh Kumar Gupta P.G. Department of Zoology, Ganjdundwara P.G. College, Ganjdundwara, Etah 207242, India.
  • Sher Singh P.G. Department of Zoology, Ganjdundwara P.G. College, Ganjdundwara, Etah 207242, India.
  • H. N. Sharma Department of Environmental Toxicology, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra 282002, India.


Water boatman, Hypopharyngeal complex, Food pump, Foregut, Midgut, Oesophageal Valve


The backswimmer, Notonecta glauca Linnaeus for the morphological and bioecological investigations were collected during, the months of July to November from various ponds, ditches, and canals of Mathura and its nearby areas. These bugs were easily recognised due to their oblong, convex body; large eye; short four jointed antennae; four joined rostrum; large triangular scutellum; anterior legs inserted at the posterior margin of the pronotum; moderate long pronotum; last joint of antennae being must shorter than the penultimate one and posterior tarsi being without unguiculi. These insects are commonly known as water boatman and backswimmer as they swim on their backs with the help of their long oar-like hind legs. They are extremely predaceous and are very common around the edges of freshwater reservoirs such as ponds, lakes, and streams throughout India and the way be easily taken with a net. In the present study, a detailed description of the digestive tract of the aforesaid insect has been noted.


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