Article Correction, Retraction and Withdrawal Policy

Advances in BioScience (ISSN: 2583-0058) is committed to publishing corrections (errata and corrigenda) or retraction in accordance with the COPE Guidelines.

Article Correction

Authors are encouraged to report any errors in their articles to the editor of the journal. Corrections to published articles will be made only for errors that compromise the scientific record, such as a mistake in an author's name, or that have a significant impact on the meaning or interpretation of the data but do not compromise the overall results or conclusions of the article. If a major or significant error is found in the published work, an errata or corrigenda will be published with the consent of the author. Further, to avoid the presence of errors in the published manuscript, the PDF version will be replaced as soon as the article is corrected.

Article Retraction

Retraction is considered by the journal editors when there is evidence of unreliable data or findings, plagiarism, duplicate publication, or unethical research.

Information on COPE Retraction Guidelines can be found here:  COPE Retraction Guidelines

Article Withdrawal

The journal is strongly against the unethical withdrawal of an article from the publication process after submission to ensure standardized publication.

By submission, the author grants the journal the right of first publication. Therefore, the journal discourages unethical withdrawal of articles from the publication process after peer review. If the author(s) requests a withdrawal of the article within five days of submission, they are allowed to withdraw without any withdrawal penalty. If an article is requested to be withdrawn after the peer review process, or in the production stage or post-publication, the authors need to pay a withdrawal penalty (50% of APC).

For genuine withdrawal, the corresponding author should submit a formal request signed by all co-authors stating the reason for withdrawal of the manuscript. The editorial board will assess the withdrawal request for genuineness and only serious reasons will be considered if possible.

If authors do not respond to journal communications after their article has been reviewed and accepted, this is also considered an unethical withdrawal. The journal will take disciplinary action against all authors and impose a ban. Their institute and other scientific databases will be notified of this action.

For any queries or discussions regarding article correction, retraction and withdrawal, please contact us at: