Archiving Policy

Advances in Bioscience (ISSN 2583-0058) is committed to the permanent availability and accessibility of all published research articles. We recognize the importance of preserving scientific knowledge for future generations and fostering open access to research findings. This policy outlines our approach to archiving published content.

Digital Archiving and Preservation

  • Journal Platform: All content published on the Advances in Bioscience platform is securely stored using robust digital preservation practices to ensure long-term accessibility and prevent data loss.
  • LOCKSS and CLOCKSS Systems: The LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) and CLOCKSS (Controlled LOCKSS System) systems are utilized for distributed archiving. These systems create permanent archives of the journal at participating libraries around the world, ensuring redundancy and disaster recovery in case of technical issues or platform disruptions.

Author Self-Archiving

  • Open Access Policy: Advances in Bioscience adheres to an open access publishing model. Authors retain the copyright to their work and are encouraged to self-archive the accepted manuscript (post-print) and published version (PDF) of their articles in their institutional repositories or other openly accessible online platforms.
  • Citation and Attribution: When self-archiving, authors must clearly acknowledge Advances in Bioscience as the original publisher and include a link to the published article on our website.
  • No Embargo Period: There is no embargo period on self-archiving, allowing authors to deposit their work immediately upon publication.

Benefits of Archiving

This comprehensive archiving strategy offers several key advantages:

  • Accessibility: Published research will remain accessible to researchers, educators, and the general public, regardless of any changes to our platform or the cessation of publication.
  • Preservation: Archiving ensures the long-term sustainability of scientific knowledge and safeguards against data loss.
  • Visibility and Dissemination: The use of established archiving systems such as LOCKSS and CLOCKSS, as well as open access repositories, can increase the discoverability of articles, leading to a wider readership and potentially higher citations.

If you have any inquiries regarding our archiving policy or self-archiving guidelines, please contact the Editorial Office at