Induction of Carbendazim Resistance in Aspergillus niger through Mutagens


  • Purnima Sable Department of Botany, S.M.B.S.T. College, Sangamner, Maharashtra-422605, India.
  • L. V. Gangawane Soil microbiology and Pesticides Laboratory, Department of Botany, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad-431004, Maharashtra, India.


Carbendazim, Mutant, Aspergillus niger, Pathogen, Resistant, UV, Ethyl methanesulfonate


The sample of Ziziphus fruits infected with different pathogens was collected from the market at different places in Maharashtra. Aspergillus niger was found to be dominant all maximum fruits. Development of Carbendazim resistance in Aspergillus niger due to spontaneous mutation. Ultraviolet rays and chemical mutagens such as like bromyl uracil (BU), ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS) and UV rays, same isolates were highly resistance, some were moderately resistance while few were resistance, highly resistance mutant were more pathogenic. Most sensitive isolates of Aspergillus niger A-9 was selected for this study. The spores of this isolate were treated with UV rays, bromyl uracil & ethyl methanesulfonate, it was seen that EMS treatment gave higher mutants followed by UV, Bu and spontaneous treatment in decreasing manner.


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