Effect of Passage on the Development of Carbendazim Resistance


  • Purnima Sable Department of Botony, S.M.B.S.T. College, Sangamne, Maharashtra 422605, India.
  • L. V. Gangawane Soil Microbiology and Pesticides Laboratory, Department of Botany, Dr. B.A.M.U Aurangabad, Maharashtra 431004, India.


Zizyphus, Fungicides, Benomyl, Dithane Z-78, Mancozeb, Aspergillus niger isolate AN-9


Effect of passage in the development of carbendazim resistance in the sensitive isolate indicated that culturing of the isolate continuously for 4 successive passages increased resistance. But culturing of the isolate alternately with dithane Z-78 and mancozeb the resistance was decreased. Moreover, use of carbendazim in mixture with these fungicides reduced the resistance. The spray programme of carbendazim may influence on the development of resistance in pathogens. Therefore, the effect of passage on agar medium containing carbendazim alone, alternately or in mixture with other fungicides like benomyl, dithane Z-78 and mancozeb was evaluated.


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