Description of Copulatory complex of Eotrechus kalidasa Kirkaldy, 1902 (Hemiptera: Heteroptera, Gerridae)


  • Jagvir Singh Department of Zoology, B.S.A. College, Mathura-281004 (U.P.), India.
  • V. K. Khandelwal Department of Zoology, K.R. (P.G.) College, Mathura-281004 (U.P.), India.
  • Kanhiya Mahour Department of Zoology, R.P.P.G. College, Kamalganj, Farrukhabad-209724 (U.P.), India.


Copulatory complex, Eotrechus, Heteroptera, Gerridae


The genus Eotrechus Kirk, 1903 belonging to the subfamily Eotrechinae Anderson, 1975 is represented by a single species Eotrechus kalidasa Kirk, 1902 in India. The description of species by Kirk, 1903, Distant, 1903, Paiva, 1919 and Lundblad, 1933 has not taken into account the structure of copulatory complex, a feature of great taxonomic significance. The present contribution provides the description of copulatory complex of Eotrechus kalidasa for the first time.


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