Sugar Mill Effluent Induced Histological Changes in Kidney of Channa punctatus


  • Suman Prakash Department of Zoology, Agra College, Agra-282001, U.P., India.
  • Ajay Capoor Department of Zoology, Agra College, Agra-282001, U.P., India.


Sugar mill effluent, Channa punctatus, Kidney, Histology


Sugar is everyday need of every human being. Sugar is produced from sugar mills situated in various parts of our country. Sugar mills produced a large amount of sugar with many types of byproducts which finally went into water sources (mainly rivers) as effluents. This effluent contains high amount of toxic elements with wide range of chemicals. This will definitely affect life of aquatic organisms like fishes in rivers. The present study is designed to carefully observe the histological changes produced by toxic substances present in Chatta sugar mill effluent in kidney of Channa punctatus.


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