Study of Some Water Quality Parameters of Karvan River at Sadabad District Hathras


  • Pravin Kumar P.G. Department of Zoology, Ganjdundwara P.G. College, Ganjdundwara, Etah (U.P.), India.
  • A. K. Paliwal P.G. Department of Zoology, Ganjdundwara P.G. College, Ganjdundwara, Etah (U.P.), India.


Karvan river, Water Quality Parameters, Temperature, Color, Odour, Taste


Pollution of water is responsible for a very large number of mortalities and incapacitation in the world polluted state of the water resources has led to water without which vital activities are not possible on this planet, has also been adversely affected by all kinds of activities of human beings. Water pollution of river is said to be polluted when the water in it is altered in composition directly or indirectly as a result of man’s activities. During recent years it has also been estimated that river Karvan water quality has also degraded by dumping of flowers, ashes, bones of dead bodies after cremation, bathing the cattle and washing the clothes due to which oxygen supply in water is reduced. In the present investigation the water quality of river Karvan at Sadabad, district Hathras has been observed to be of substandard quality because of various untreated industrial effluents, domestic sewage etc. merged inside the river.


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