Comparative Account on Proliferation Rate of Microalgae Used in Biodiesel Production by Indigenously Prepared Bioreactors


  • S. D. Pingle Department of Botany, K.J.S. College, Kopargaon, Dist.- A. Nagar (M.S.) - 423601, India.
  • A. D. Landge P.G. Department of Botany, P.V.P. College Pravaranagar, Tal- Rahata, Dist.- A. Nagar (M.S.) - 413713, India.


Indigenously prepared bioreactor, Biofuels, Algae


Algae as a feedstock is emerging at the forefront of biofuel research due to increasing awareness of global energy issues in conjunction with the production limitation of agriculture based oilseed crops. In this concern, India is lagging behind with respect to research emphasis. The long term Research and development strategies were implemented in the developing countries for biofuels from different sources. One of the most fascinating areas of researcher always remained with algae as a source of biofuel. All the above the more research than development will be required in this field. This paper focuses the comparative Proliferation rate of Chlorophycean algae in indigenously prepared bioreactors as well as drinking bottled models.


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