Ethical Guidelines


Authors listed in the manuscript must have made significant contributions to the work reported. They should have contributed to the conception, study design, execution, analysis and interpretation of data. When submitting a manuscript, please ensure that authors should be listed in First Name-Middle Name-Surname order. Authors are strongly advised to carefully consider their authorship before submitting a manuscript. The corresponding author is responsible for the accuracy of all content in the proof, including co-authors names, addresses and affiliations.

Changes to Authorship

Authorship changes, including the addition, deletion, or rearrangement of author names, will require the approval of all authors, including the author to be added or removed. Any changes to the author list will not be accepted after the acceptance of the manuscript. After the article has been accepted, changes to authorship will be considered only in the extraordinary circumstances, such as religious conversion, gender transition, marriage, or divorce. Authors requesting a name change must send an email to the journal office along with a list of their publications that require the change.

Conflicts of Interest

Authors must identify and declare any personal circumstances or interest  in the manuscript in a paragraph heading "Conflicts of Interest" (after Acknowledgment section and before References) that may be perceived as inappropriately influencing the representation or interpretation of reported research results. If there is no conflict of interest, please state "The authors declare no conflict of interest."

Research Ethics

Research Involving Human: Research involving human subjects, human material, or human data, must have been performed in accordance with the "Declaration of Helsinki" and must have been approved by an appropriate ethics committee. A statement detailing this, including the name of the ethics committee and the reference number where appropriate, should be cited in the Methods Section of the article. If the manuscript contains private information e.g., photographs of participants, a written informed consent for publication must be obtained from participating patients in this case.
Ethical Guidelines for the Use of Animals: For research papers using animals the “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals” issued by the National Academies Press (NAP) should be followed.