Peer Review and Production Process

Each manuscript submitted for publication is reviewed for originality, methodology, significance, quality, ethical nature, and suitability within the scope of the journal. In the production phase, manuscript is styled, copyedited, typeset, and then proofread.

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts submitted for publication in Advances in BioScience (ISSN: 2583-0058) are subjected to a single-blind peer-review process. Single-blind is the most common type of peer-review process in which the identity of the reviewers is not known to the authors, but the identity of the authors is known to the reviewers.

Following submission, all manuscripts are initially reviewed by the editorial office to ensure compliance with submission guidelines, editorial policies, and ethical standards. Manuscripts rejected at this stage are insufficiently original, outside the scope of the journal, are of poor scientific quality, or have poor grammar or English language. Authors whose manuscripts are rejected at the initial evaluation stage are usually notified within a week of receipt. Manuscripts that pass this initial screening process will be sent to external reviewers for further consideration. Based on the reviewers feedback, the manuscript will be accepted, accepted with minor revisions, accepted after major revisions (revise and resubmit), or rejected. The average time required for a full manuscript review is 4 weeks after receiving the manuscript, depending on the reviewers response.

In case of minor revision, authors are required to submit the revised manuscript within 2 weeks of receipt of the reviewers comment. If a major revision is required, the author will revise the manuscript in response to peer-review comments and resubmit the revised version within 3-4 weeks.

The editor is responsible for making the final decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of the submitted manuscript based on the reviewers reports.

We aim to provide authors with a first decision (of accept, reject or revisions required whether minor or major) within 4 weeks.

Production process

Manuscripts accepted for publication will be sent for copyediting and typesetting. A copyeditor checks and corrects a manuscript for grammar, spelling, punctuation, sense, consistency, format, and house style. After copyediting, the edited paper will be sent for typesetting according to the journal's layout specifications. After the completion of this process, the corresponding author will receive a final PDF version of the article within 8–12 days of acceptance for approval and will be asked to check it carefully. At this stage, only typographical and factual corrections are permitted.